Download some version of Eclipse, and use the update site ( to install AGE. There are only two requisites, the Java and Ruby runtimes must be installed.

Important: Version 0.3.4 requires JRE 1.6.

To install the Ruby interpreter download it from:

Once installed the interpreter, AGE should be configured with the path where the Ruby interpreter has been installed. Click on Windows -> Preferences and select Ruby -> Installed Interpreters preferences. In this dialog, you can add the installed interpreter, usually the path c:\slash\bin\ruby.exe or /usr/bin/ruby is used.

You can also watch the Introductory Screencast to see the steps.

Last snapshot

Since RubyTL usually evolves quicker than AGE, there is a way to install into AGE the latest RubyTL version (or SVN snapshot). This way, you can take advantage of the last bug fixes and features without waiting to the last AGE version.

Snapshot installation procedure:

  • Download the last snapshot.
  • Unzip the file in some directory (I recommend to unzip in the AGE installation directory).
  • Configure AGE to use this particular snapshot.
    • Go to Window -> Preferences -> RubyTL -> Path options
    • Select Use alternative path
    • Type the path where you unzipped the snapshot in the "Alternative path" text box.

Warning for W32 users: You need to type an additional "/" at the beginning of the of the path. For instance, type "/C:\age\rubytl-snapshot\rubytl" for "C:\age\rubytl-snapshot\rubytl".

Following this steps, it should work. Otherwise, please email me or use the RubyTL mailing list.