Version 0.3.1

There are several bug fixed solved in this release. As notable new features, cross-references between models and metamodels can handled within a transformation, RubyTL core has been decoupled from AGE, and a new menu to create an XMI model from a Ruby model has been created.

  • RubyTL
    • Improved code generation language with rules.
    • Referenced metamodel packages can be named in a transformation
    • Subpackages and enumerate types are properly handled.
    • Several bug fixes.
  • New user interface menus
    • Convert from EMOF to Ecore (and viceversa)
    • Create XMI model from Ruby model
    • Subversion repository support
    • Location of RubyTL can be selected from preferences.
  • Parser and serializer
    • Several bug fixes

Past versions

* RubyTL core - last snapshot (22-Apr-2010) -