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Welcome to AGE

Agile Generative Environment (AGE) is a Model Driven Development tool based on Ruby and Eclipse. A key difference with other tools is that AGE is heavily based on embedded DSLs, being Ruby the host language. The tool core, written in Ruby, is called RubyTL. Also, the user interface is an Eclipse RCP application, so being very easy to start using the tool.

The current version, AGE 0.3, provides the following features:

  • A model transformation language, RubyTL (yes, RubyTL is included in RubyTL)
  • Code generation through a DSL plus code templates
  • An OCL-like validation language
  • EMOF and ECore import and export (using the RMOF project)
  • Chaining of transformation tasks through Rake.
  • Editors for embedded DSLs, providing syntax highlighting, autocompletion and code templates (from the RDT project).

If you find any bug, please send us a ticket or you can suscribe to the RubyTL user list.

If you have any comment or suggestion, send an e-mail to jesusc[at] We really appreciate any report about experiences (including bad ones) using AGE.



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